9/20/17 - Kim B.

I cannot thank you enough for your friendly prompt attention to my yellow jacket problem in my basement.  I had difficult morning already on Monday with a sick child.  Then when I went into the basement to do necessary laundry, I freaked!

I made 2 phone calls to other businesses before yours and I have to tell you, your voice and friendliness and attention to my problem said it all!  Thank you for your personable service.  Please know it means a lot.

Kim B

9/25/17 - Beth

Thank you so much for your quick service.  I'll be keeping your card!

Beth B

10/11/17 - Kim M.

I wanted to let you know that my mother and I appreciate your service. We've already had 4 inquiries about your service. I've given your card to my brother, he's having a bee problem at his home off DuPont Rd. In addition, one of our friends Arleen had bees in her home last week. She called Orkin, but they are still there. I gave her your number this morning.    As for our home, we still have a couple of bees, nothing like prior. I will let you know if I feel its needs another spray.    I also reviewed your business on YELP. I gave a solid 5 stars for excellent service.    Thanks ever so much,    Kim.